Meet The Team!



Jen Haddix - Owner

Jen has been working with animals for over 6 years, and has been an animal lover her entire life. She decided to quit her office job and start this wonderful and rewarding business. It has been the best decision of her life.

Inspired by her sister, she takes the skills learned from her family of pet experts and own experience to create a safe and loving environment for your pets.

She was also the second person to bring Doga to the Austin area, and is excited to introduce it to Reno!

Certifications: Four Legged First Aid, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.


Julie Burke - Pet Care Specialist

For as long as she can remember, Julie has always loved animals. In fact, as a kid she cried harder than she'd like to admit after watching movies like Balto, The Fox and The Hound, and The Lion King. She is so stoked to be able to see and work with sweet furry friends with Downward Dog Pet Services. 

Growing up, thanks to her brother, she had various exotic pets around--including: snakes, hedgehogs, ferrets, and geckos. Now, she's a kitty-mom to a sweet tabby named Godzilla (or Zilla for short).

She will care for your pets as if they are her own!

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Jason Blackmond - Pet Care Specialist

Jason has had multiple pets in his home his entire life. Living in the country as a child in a home of animal enthusiasts his family owned several dogs, cats, horses, pigs and geese. He remembers running around the stables barefoot, herding the dogs and horses and cooling off in the water troughs in the summer. He's spent the majority of his life with 2-3 dogs small to large and 2-4 cats in his home at any given time with the occasional hedgehog, snake and hamster. He will treat your pets with all the love and patience every animal deserves.



Kat Torres - Pet Care Specialist

Kat recently moved her from Florida, and she absolutely loves it! An animal lover her whole life, she is very excited to have the opportunity to care for your sweet babies. She worked at Petsmart and had dogs of her own for most of her life, and she can't wait to take care of your fur babies!