Yoga with your dog!

Have you ever been doing yoga at home, only to have your dog come lick your face the minute you lay down? And it's cute, but can also be frustrating!

Doga is not about getting your dog to do yoga. It's more about doing yoga in their presence, and transferring calming energy to each other.

Dogs already know how to live in the moment and be calm. We could stand to learn a few things from them.

In a Doga class, it will be you with up to 5 other practitioners and their furry little Dogis, and you will have a challenging practice, both mentally and physically, while your dog gets to hang out and cheer you on.

It's light hearted and fun, and if you're thinking your dog is too high energy for something like this, you'd be surprised! Try it just once. Doga can calm even the craziest of pups.

Every class will begin with a 10 minute meet and greet with all of the pups to make sure there isn't any aggression or undesirable behavior. Class will last about 60 minutes. It's $25 per each yogi/dogi couple.

Classes occur based on current interest, please let us know you'd like to take a class!