Minimum Age: 3 months * Vaccinations: Bordatella, DAPP, Rabies, DHLPP * $40 Per Dog, Per Day; $30 for each additional dog. * (Austin area average)


No Age Minimum * No Required Vaccinations * $24 per visit, no fee for additional pets. * No additional fee for watering plants, bringing in mail and packages, taking out the trash and light house cleanup.


Your dog, cat, or other pets can continue to live normally in the comfort and privacy of their own home, without the environmental stresses often associated with boarding pets at kennels.

Personalized Care
Professional pet sitters are seasoned experts, who know how to cater to the unique personalities, preferences, and even health needs of pets.

Extra Attention
Pet sitters are prepared to provide your pets with all of the attention they need to thrive and feel loved while you’re away.

Safety and Convenience
With the help of a professional pet sitter, you won’t have to worry about transporting your pet or exposure to new environments.

Looks like someone is home
Your home will look lived in and will be taken care of. At your request we can water the plants, open/close the blinds, turn on/off the lights, bring in the newspaper/mail and take out the trash/bring in the bins.